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The Highland Connection


This updated 2020 website will focus on photographs of landscapes in the West Highlands of Scotland, the English Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and my local county of Lancashire.

Included, will be any interesting information, historical, current, or other topic, linked to each gallery, as the site develops.

The photographic galleries will be refreshed with new ones on a regular basis - hopefully monthly! Have 3500 photos to play with!

We have a two other websites which may be of interest, so feel free to visit by clicking on the links below.

Blogs - this website blog covers our recent walks, or hikes, with any interesting comments about the history, or other facts from the walk.

Business - this website gives details of our Graphic Design service, and a coaching consultancy for business improvement techniques, lean, continuous improvement - also know as Kaizen.

12th February: Gallery updated with a variety of photograph of sunsets from Scotland, Lake District, Lancashire and Yorkshire Dales. Personal favourites, but also some nice moody images.


Old 1998 Website

The original website in 1998 was called Clan Donald - The Highland Connection. We decided to take this down as the subject was duplicated on other newer websites. 

However, quite a few other websites still have links to this older 1998 website and its content, some going back twenty years; which either show the page coming as a code 404; or redirecting you to this main page.

Therefore apologies if you do not find what you were searching for. Use the contact form if you have any specific query relating to this, and we will try and help.