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Family History Research

Welcome to this Family History Research service from the UK.

From the 19th Century, the Victorians records have survived pretty well, and are the main records available for family research covering primarily Scotland, England and Wales. Plus some old Parish records go back to the 18th Century (1700's)

September 2021 - SPECIAL OFFER. Having recently completed some clients researches, going back to the mid 1750's by the way; I have some free time, and happy to offer FREE family research, until the end of 2021. No catch, no obligation, as I need to maintain my CPD.

We normally offer a 3 hours free family research package, with no obligations to carry out further research. 

This gives us the opportunity to check if further research is possible, as sometimes you can "hit a brick wall" - certainly earlier than 1841. Prior to this year we rely on the old parish records - known as OPR, and if the family information is available you can go back to the 1700's, or earlier.

We would need details of at least one of your family members, such as name, date of birth, marriage, or sadly death - known as BMD; to get started. This would enable us to research for your ancestors, and where they came from.

All our research is done on-line from family research websites, such as Ancestry, Scotlands People, the UK Government Records Office (GRO), as the main sources of records, plus some other websites, such as GENUK for more in-depth content.

The research will primarily identify parents, siblings, where they lived, and their occupations.

Digital scanned copies of original birth, marriage and death certificates, can be obtained, but the organisations charge a fee for these. We may have to charge these to you, but only by agreement beforehand. GRO and Scotlands People charges are quite minimal for digital copies obtained via their websites.

You can obviously research your ancestry using the organisation mention above, plus others on the internet, but our family history research service aims to save you the hassle, as it can be quite a time consuming and frustrating task!

We may also be able to provide more in-depth content into a particular family member, depending on the public record information that has been digitalised online, such as census records, and our own investigation and study of these.

​We may also be able to find you old map images of the places your ancestors came from. These are also available from the National Library of Scotland website. These can be compared to todays map images.

Should you wish us to carry out further research, we will advise you of our fees. These will be minimal, as fees just cover our time, and not for profit, and will be agreed beforehand, based on what we have been able to find in the free research period.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.