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The Highland Connection


This updated 2020 website includes photographs of landscapes in the West Highlands of Scotland, the English Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, and the County of Lancashire. Included, will be any interesting information, historical, current, or other topic, linked to each gallery. The photographs will be refreshed with new ones on a regular basis during 2020/2021.

We can also offer two new service offerings. A bespoke Family Research service to find your family ancestors in Scotland, and the UK. Secondly a personalised Graphic Design service for that new logo, brochures, etc.

NEW SERVICE - "Family Tree".  A Family Research - Bespoke Service, to find your ancestors in Scotland and the UK, with a free introductory offer.

Work in progress still on the webpage, but we are quite happy to take enquiries from - July 2020.

The introductory offer is a no obligation, one hours, free family research. This gives us the opportunity to check if further research is possible, as sometime you can "hit a brick wall" - certainly earlier than 1841, but if the parish information is available, you can go back to the the 1600's and 1700's

If you are interested in the free one hours search, please use the contact page to send us an email.

We will need a details of at least one of your family, such as name, date of birth, marriage or death (BMD) to get started. We can then make a start, look for your ancestors, and where they came from.

Once we have carried out the initial research, and sent you the details, there is no obligation to carry on with more research, for which there would be a minimal fee.

Please note all research is done online, via family research websites, such as Ancestry, Scotlands People, the UK Government Records Office (GRO), for example, which all charge various fees. These fees are for digital scanned copies of the original birth, marriage or death certificate, which we may have to charge the customer.

Family research is time consuming, and our bespoke service is there to save you the hassle; as you can obviously carry out research yourself, using the same family research websites.

We may also be able to provide a bit more in-depth content into the family, depending on the public record information that has been digitalised online, such as census records, and our own investigation and study of these. 

All family, or personal information, is treated with the strictest of confidence, and we will limit the number of enquiries to ensure a personal bespoke service. 

12th February: Gallery updated with a variety of photograph of sunsets from Scotland, Lake District, Lancashire and Yorkshire Dales. Personal favourites, but also some nice moody images.

We have another websites which may be of interest, so feel free to visit by clicking on the links below.
Blog - a personal Blog based around walks in the country, with photographs.


Old 1998 Website

The original website in 1998 was called Clan Donald - The Highland Connection. We decided to take this down as the subject was duplicated on other newer websites. 

However, quite a few other websites still have links to this older 1998 website and its content, some going back twenty years; which either show the page coming as a code 404; or redirecting you to this main page.

Therefore apologies if you do not find what you were searching for. Use the contact form if you have any specific query relating to this, and we will try and help.