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Introduction - Family Research.

 I can offer a "FREE" bespoke, and friendly, Family Research service to help you find your family ancestors in Scotland, and England and Wales in the UK. Just click on the Family Tree image below for more information.

​Research may include immigration, or emmigration, to other countries, such as Canada, the USA, Australia for example, subject to this information being made available to the public, via the Internet.

FEBRUARY 2023. My service offers you free family research. This is possible as I have completed several historical family research jobs for clients from the UK, USA and Australia this year, which met my target budget. Plus, I enjoy researching the past.

The only costs that may be incurred are if I need to order copies of any births, marriages or death (BMD) certificates in the UK, if I hit a "brick wall" in the family research. The BMD certificates include a lot of information of parents. The cost of these is minimal - GBP 2 for Scotland and GBP 12 for England and Wales.

If any BMD's are needed I will let you know in advance. There is no obligation to continue any further research after this, and payment is made via PayPal, which gives you security and piece of mind.

This is an exciting opportunity to find about your family ancestors, and its free. However, sometimes, we do hit a brick wall.


Secondly a personalised Graphic Design service for that new logo, leaflet, brochures, photograph repair, tattoo design, embroidery design, or just a personal piece of graphic artwork - clan badges, or family crests, for example; or a nice piece of artwork, etc. Go to

During 2022/2023 we plan, hopefully, to update the photograph gallery of of the West Highlands of Scotland, the English Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, and the County of Lancashire, in Great Britain. Just click on this link to the Photo Gallery page.



Red Bubble is a mail order website that artists, photographers and designers can upload their work, and Red Bubble produces a massive range of canvas prints, clothing, homestyle goods, mobile phone, tablet covers, etc, from these. These are a couple of links for some of our artwork, feel free to drop in. Just click on the name link below...

MCK3y - Loads of excellent modern designs and artwork.

McBay - Small selection of something different, including some favourite photographs.

We have another websites which may be of interest, so feel free to visit by clicking on the links below.
Blog - a personal Blog based around walks in the country, with photographs.


Old 1998 Website

The original website in 1998 was called Clan Donald - The Highland Connection. We decided to take this down as the subject was duplicated on other newer websites. 

However, quite a few other websites still have links to this older 1998 website and its content, some going back twenty years; which either show the page coming as a code 404; or redirecting you to this main page.

Therefore apologies if you do not find what you were searching for. Use the contact form if you have any specific query relating to this, and we will try and help.

​If you are interested in any Scottish family links, please feel free to visit our family research page. Free family research, with no obligation.